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Hello, my name is Elizabeth I am the owner of EO Writes. My first writing experience was a small diary with its own set of keys. Since then I have written out my thoughts, mainly what God has shown me in an ample supply of journals.

I spent thirteen years on my homeschool journey with my daughter. In her last year, I started working for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. My positions over the years ranged from Sales Representative to Customer Service, and Forum Manager. Through this experience, I saw the inner workings of a magazine company and was able to aid homeschool parents as well as homeschool companies in their journey.

Published articles on homeschooling: Online Learning Plus a Forum? Why You Should Consider Joining!, Will Homeschooling Remain Legal?, God’s Unlikely Candidate: When a Rebel Becomes a Homeschool Parent, The Troubling History of Public Education, and Where Have the Children of Yesterday Gone?

As of 2/17/23

I am currently working on a children’s book; the writing, and the illustrations. As well as an e-book on my journey as Power of Attorney for my parents.

Me owner of EO Writes
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My tongue is the pen of a ready writer.

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