I grew up in a small town and as was tradition I attended the public school. School was not something I really looked forward to. It was easy to get lost in the shuffle and the peer pressure was intense. When I was in 6th grade the thought that dominated my thinking was “treat others the way you want to be treated” so when I was bullied I would be kind.

But as I entered high school this thinking was soon replaced with treat others as they have treated you! What happened to “treat others as you want to be treated”?

Over time my thinking had changed. I just lived for me. That was all I cared about was me. Public school as I call it now was “survival of the fittest.” Is that not the teaching of evolution?

Sadly, I made a lot of poor decisions by the time I was 18! With all the teaching I acquired in school I did not learn “true knowledge”. Godly wisdom & discernment were not taught in those public halls. I was a young lady left up to my own devices without a lighthouse to lead the way!


Homeschooling the Right Choice

When my daughter was of age, with papers in hand I headed to the local public school just like my parents did before me. However, God interrupted my plans and said to me, “Homeschool.” “What is that?” On my quest for answers I headed to the local library instead and in my search came across a book written by Christopher Klicka “Homeschooling the Right Choice.” The book answered my question thoroughly as well as answered why homeschooling was the best choice for my daughter.

From there I homeschooled my daughter right up to her graduation. Homeschooling your children is worth any sacrifice you have to make, whether it be time or an extra paycheck. Are not our children worth it?


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