What’s This Curly Girl’s Thoughts on Avon’s Curly Line?

What’s this curly girl’s thoughts on Avon’s curly line? Avon has been selling products for curly girls for some time, so I thought I’d try it out. I wanted to read some reviews first and came across one which was positive so I took a chance.

I usually wash my hair twice a week and alternate between two hair product lines ReDavid and Superfoods. So I used the Elastine Bee Curly alternating with the ReDavid. I used the Bee Curly shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask the first week. I didn’t care for the strong smell of the product but my hair did feel softer. However, my curl pattern seemed a little odd not the usual curl pattern. The following week I repeated the routine. However, this time I noticed my curls were looking extremely limp unlike the ReDavid.

I decided to buy the Bee Curly Curl Cream thinking maybe the mixing of products was the problem. Being I was using my ReDavid oil and curl cream for styling with the Bee Curly line. I skipped on the mask. My hair was begging for moisture. It was dry, and frizzy and the curls were limp. Not to mention the fragrance in the products was now very noticeable. The Curl Cream was the worst it smelled like I dumped a bottle of Patchouli on my head. Don’t get me wrong I like Patchouli but not dumped on me. At this point, my head was throbbing and knew I needed to get the toxin off my head.

So I washed it all out with my “clean” product line Be Care Love Super Foods Coconut Milk Moisture Therapy shampoo and conditioner. Applied my styling products: Banana Cream, and Watermelon Pineapple styling gel. Packed all the Elastine Bee Curly products back into their boxes (which caused my head to throb again) to give back to my Representative for a full refund. Once everything was packed up and away from me I was fine.

Bee Curly

What’s this curly girl’s thoughts on Avon’s curly line? Being a curly girl I am always searching for a great curly product this one did not rate high at all. High in toxicity (fragrance overboard), my curl pattern with this product looked like a cursive z, very limp indeed. I was not impressed at all! I found that my hair was better when I used the mask which according to the product you should use 1-3 times a week. Using a leave in conditioner more then once a week is a bit much. To think the shampoo, conditioner and curly cream couldn’t supply enough moisture within itself is not a good indicator of a curly friendly product. Without the mask, my hair was as dry as burnt toast. Not curly-friendly at all!

Curly girls beware!

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